Biotz is born

August 28, 2023
August 30, 2023
Asier Galdos

Introducing Biotz, your gateway to a simplified IoT era.

As the old adage goes, the only constant in life is change. So after 10 years of hard work, our evolution takes shape in two distinct yet interconnected ways: the transformation from Magnet to Biotz through a comprehensive rebranding effort, and the introduction of our IoT platform to the wider public. 

Magnet was born with the goal of simplifying the development of innovative software applications using our advanced, next-generation technology. This commitment remains intact as we venture into a new chapter. In parallel with our newly arrived IoT offering, we will continue tailoring bespoke solutions for our valued clients.

As for the brand-new IoT solution, Biotz IoT platform is manifested in two models: Cloud and Enterprise. Alongside Biotz, we will also provide development and consulting services to harness the potential of bespoke solutions through HOP, underscoring our commitment to provide comprehensive solutions to every field and sector.

Thus, Biotz IoT platform will serve as the core of the IoT functionality, with features such as connectivity, data storage, device management, event/alert/notification management, data visualisation, remote actioning and more. With these capabilities, Biotz aims to put forward more secure and scalable IoT businesses and products, leveraging our own open source platform to remove complexity, and consequently accelerate the launch of new final IoT applications.

Device connectivity presents companies with tremendous opportunities to extract relevant data, such as sensor data analysis or real-time control of complex autonomous systems. It’s no surprise that the size of the IoT market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 22% in the next few years.

Carrying out IoT developments is oftentimes expensive and complex at an economic, time and knowledge level. IoT projects incur multiple business and technology risks such as security, privacy, compatibility, interference, dependency or regulatory.  These are common problems in IoT projects that Biotz wants to address while offering an intuitive, easy to setup and use software.

With the Biotz IoT Platform we reduce the time-to-market and the complexity in the design and development of IoT solutions. You can connect, manage and scale unlimited devices with a plug & play, quick and easy setup with Biotz IoT Platform, and go beyond with customised final IoT applications to gain competitive advantage with custom applications with security and privacy by design.

The ambition of Biotz is to transform existing business models and create new disruptive business models and accompany innovative companies into a new economy of digital connectivity, productivity and intelligence. IoT will drive an increase in industrial efficiency and will allow us, among other things, to better measure our climate impact, contributing to the reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

At heart, Biotz comes to offer a new way of boosting businesses that want to be prepared to face the challenges of digital transformation, and this is much easier with the right partner by your side.

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