Build your own IoT business

Create the applications your customers need with 100% customisation in design and functionality.

Biotz's developer API

HOP, our open source RAD (Rapid Application Development) platform.

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Any other technology stack, if you prefer.

Technology that enables you to focus on the domain problem

IoT will transform your business: new products and services, additional revenue streams, markets further afield… IoT means business first.

Focus on your domain problem while our technology takes care of everything else: security, scalability, availability, and more.

Our Open Source stack handles the underlying technology so you can build innovative IoT solutions.

HOP is our own Open Source rapid application platform to build modern applications with more quality, productivity, creativity, flexibility, precision and control. It’s a future-proven platform suitable for building diverse applications on top of Cloud or Local infrastructure.

High level architecture

API Management
Front-end template
auth / Open ID
Object storage
Secret storage
Payments: Stripe
CMS  Webflow
BI dashboard
Datomic DB
Time-series DB
Cloud / On-Premises orchestration
Amazon Web Services
Your Applications

HOP Benefits

Takes care of

Multi CI/CD integration, Back-end architecture, Front-end reactive architecture, AWS infrastructure, On-premises infrastructure, Observability: logging and alerting, Local development, Authentication and authorization, and more.

Open Source

You have full control of the application built on the platform.

Reduced technical debt

HOP has been built using Open Source technology and open standards.


HOP takes full advantage of the AWS service offerings that allows our platform to scale according to business needs.

Flexibility and high personalization

The modularity approach allows you to extend or modify existing modules and create new ones easily.

Reduced time-to-market

Instead of starting from scratch, take advantage of the existing developed functionality and reduce your time-to-market.

Easy to evolve and maintain

backwards compatibility makes the code work in a decade’s time.

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